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Rutherford Orchestra Supply List

Rutherford Orchestra Supply List 2021-2022

Instrument Vendor supplies (all students)

❏      Essential Elements Book 1

(for your instrument)

❏      Music stand (for at home practice)

❏      Soft cleaning cloth for your instrument

❏      Rosin



❏      Shoulder sponge (should be provided with instrument rental)

❏      Shoulder rest (strongly recommended)

❏      Damp-it



❏      Rock Stop (should be provided with instrument rental)

❏      Damp-it


Supplies to be purchased on your own:

❏      3-Ring 1” hardcover binder*

(provided if you attend Instrument Explosion)

❏      5 tabbed dividers:  please label - news, practice, warm-ups, music, theory

❏      3-Ring Pencil Pouch*

❏      Pencils*

❏      Dry Erase Marker*

❏      Small dry marker eraser or cloth

*These items are not provided with a rental from a music vendor.

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