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Rutherford Yellow House Supply List

*Do not purchase supplies from general education grade level lists.

  1. Headphones
  2. Hard case pencil box
  3. Fat pencils
  4. Skinny pencils
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue sticks (Elmer's brand preferred)
  7. Watercolor set with brush (Crayola or Prang brand preferred)
  8. Recycled cup for watercolor water (clean yogurt cup etc.)
  9. 2 boxes of Kleenex (we will gladly take more)!
  10. 1.5 inch white binder with clear sleeve on front (home and school binder)
  11. Paper pocket folder with clips (any color)
  12. Sandwich and gallon size bags
  13. 1 pack of 10 crayola washable markers
  14. 1 pack of 24 crayola crayons
  15. 1 pack of thick black white board markers (Expo brand preferred)
  16. Face Masks

stillwater pony head

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